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U.S. to s●top executive order

鬷d, adding that the● U.S. should re●spect m

ark〓et economy rule○s and build a tran●sparent and un〓biased commerc〓ial environm■

ent for foreig〓n companies.●China has always ○asked Chinese e■nterprises to follo■w the laws of ●the countries whe●re they ar○e based and wil○l take neces◆sary measures ●to protect Chi〓nese companies◆' rig

htful in◆terests.MOC's ■response came○ after U.S.■ President Don

ald〓 Trump signed a〓n executive● order dec■laring a na●tional emer■gency and barring U.○S. compani◆es from usin◆g telecommunicati〓ons equipm●ent made by fi○rms posing a■n "unacceptable r〓isk to the nation〓al security.●"Earlier

●on Huawei05-16-2019

  • , Huawei○ also responded tha●t restricting H

    uawei■ from doing ○business in the● U.S. will n◆ot make the U.S. m◆ore secure

    or stro○nger.Please ■scan the QR Cod?/p>

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    CFO's i■nnocenceChina's■ Huawei reiter

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